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Heard of “Hygge”? Let Greensboro, NC Hand You the Hype.

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Heard of “Hygge”? Let Greensboro, NC Hand You the Hype.

posted by Susannah Wares



Along the list of trends for home décor and room atmosphere through the years, such as “Feng Shui” and feeling “good vibes”, the hot-button trend for 2018 is this Danish lifestyle or state-of-being: it’s called Hygge.

Pronounced “hue-guh”and not “hoo-gah”, Hygge is a Danish word used when acknowledging a feeling or moment, whether alone or with friends, at home or out, ordinary or extraordinary as “cozy, charming or special.”

Hygge is used to describe more of a feeling of being relaxed and in the present moment, than the way a room looks; but when decorating if you find yourself wanting a place to get cozy, then using some pointers from the Hygge mindset will transform your home into a cozy refuge.

How to Hygge:

  1. Create a safe space for you and your friends
  2. Be present with yourself and the ones you are with
  3. Stay equal and in harmony
  4. No drama! Leave it at the door
  5. Be thankful
  6. Partake in simple pleasures


Gingerbread Cupcakes

Umm, the wonderful smells of fresh baked cupcakes during the holiday season you can’t beat it!

Have you been suffering from a sweet tooth lately and not really sure what you have a taste for, well let us help you out. Try this good looking, mouth watering cupcake recipe. It’s a gingerbread cupcake topped off with icing, sprinkles and a freshly baked and decorated gingerbread cookie. This can be a great tasty treat to have for a holiday party or to send off to school with your children for their classroom.

Sounds like a great idea right?

Yea I know, you can thank us later lol!

Gingerbread Cupcakes

Are You Scared Yet? Halloween at The Gardens

“There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.”

~ George Carlin

Set the date and mark your calendars for one spooky and epic Halloween Party that The Gardens has to offer. Stop by the clubhouse on October 26th at 5pm-until with your BEST Costume.

Food, games, music, drinks, prizes and contest will be happening and of course this would be a great time to check out our “Clubhouse of TERROR”.

*Costume Contest will be Best Adult, Kid and Couples Costume (Prizes valued up to $100 will be given)


Celebrate 150th Years at The State Fair

The Fair is ALMOST HERE!

October 12-22, 2017

One of the most popular and all time favorite events in North Carolina is only 2 days away from opening. The sweet smells of Funnel Cakes, Fried Oreo’s, Cotton Candy and Candy Apples…… hot juicy mouth watering Turkey Legs, World Famous Burgers, Corn on the Cob to Deep Fried Tomatoes starting to fill the clear autumn skies.

The NC State Fair is one event that Raleigh, NC can never get rid of. The State Fair is a place where you can come relax, have tons of fun, eat enough food, listen to great festive music, to seeing the world most smallest women ALIVE!

There are new rides, food, vendors and entertainment that you cannot miss.

Check out the website for more information on how you can get good deals and discounts on concerts and rides.

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Fall Is Here, Hello October!


Hello October!

Summer has finally left and Fall season is in the air. Can you feel it? From nice breezy low 70 degree weather, the smell of pumpkin spice hitting your nose, colors of leaves changing and how can we fail to mention Halloween!

Here at The Gardens we are so excited for the wonderful fall weather. We were so ready that we couldn’t wait for it to officially get here, because mid-September we already had fall decor and furniture around the clubhouse! LOL

Walking in everyday smelling that warm pumpkin spice air fresher to our staff and resident getting fresh hot coffee and lattes from the coffee machine lets us know Autumn is here to stay. During this fall season this is the perfect time to do some cool fun DIY projects, yard sales, fall wardrobe cleaning, and hit us some county and state fairs.

The are a lot of great  things that will be happening in the Greensboro and Triad area for the month of October. Fall Fest is just around the corner along with some pretty cool College and University Homecomings.

So go out and find you pumpkin patch and Fall Decor to help put you in the Autumn season!


Greensboro’s 17-Day Celebration of Culture & Art

Greensboro North Carolina,

 home of the annual 17-day Celebration of its rich culture and artistic community. An event put on by ArtsGreensboro, is a half a month’s long movement that feature hundreds of different event, captivating 200,000 spectators at last years festival.  “From musical classics to Americana roots-rock, and from award-winning theatre and dance to storytelling, the visual arts, galleries, and everything in between, 17DAYS is a celebration of all things beautiful and exciting”(via.

Here are a few events that you can look forward to and we here at The Gardens at Anthony House, encourage you to Explore!  Enjoy!

National Folk Festival

September 9-11, 2016

Courtesy of

“A 75-year tradition of celebrating the roots, richness, and variety of American culture through music, dance, traditional crafts, and food. The “National,” as it’s commonly called, will feature more than 30 performing groups on seven stages with continuous music and dance performances, along with children’s activities, a folk arts marketplace, regional and ethnic foods and more.” – See more at: 17daysGSO


Eve Recast: A Performance by Meg Stein

September 14 @ 5:30 pm6:30 pm

Courtesy of

An Art Showcase at The Gallery at Green Hill. A performance piece by Insistent Objects sculptor and performance artist Meg Stein. “Stein’s work addresses the notion of “women’s work”  through her sculptures fabricated from domestic objects, including disposable razors, Q-tips, make-up brushes, hair brushes, nail files and nail polish. This performance is a witty take on living symbiotically with these peculiar entities” – See more at: megart

Living Art America, The North American Body Painting Championship

September 24 @ 2:00 pm8:00 pm

Courtesy of


Greensboro will host The North American Body Painting Championship for the first time in it’s history. “Watch the artists and models during the last two hours of painting and then enjoy the multi-media, runway-style “fashion show”.” See more at: bodyart. At $15 per ticket, this is an event worth paying for. Live art is unique, because you get to see true art from a blank canvas to the finished masterpiece.

Greensboro Mini Maker Faire

September 24 @ 1:00 pm6:00 pm

Courtesy of

“The Greensboro (Maker Faire) celebrates our unique culture of makers. When science and art intertwine, ideas and innovation are brought to life. Area artists, artisans, inventors, science enthusiasts, techies, and tinkers of all ages are brought together at (Maker Faire) to show off what they love to do and make. Interactive demonstrations, art and tech exhibitions, and inspiration are all found at Greensboro (Maker Faire). – See more at: fire&ice  I know i will be attending this even for sure

So celebrate your city and explore this annual event with your friends and family. Taste•Live•Local

~The Gardens at Anthony House


The 15 Best Places to Eat in Greensboro

Greensboro is a North Carolinian city where its southern charm attracts families and its new, growing downtown area attracts young adults and college students. The restaurants are well-known and attract many visitors from other parts of North Carolina and beyond.

If you want to truly experience Greensboro, you’ve got to hit up the food scene. From old favorites like Smith Street Diner, to new pop-ups like Crafted, there is a place for every taste bud in this NC town.

So here are, in no particular order, some of the best restaurants Greensboro has to offer.

1. Crafted – Art of the Taco

Photo courtesy of @foodwineeverythingfine on Instagram

This restaurant is new to the Greensboro scene, but it has been packed everyday since its opening. Crafted has a variety of tacos with interesting flavor combinations,  each one of their tacos is unique and delicious.

I’ve learned not to talk during the first 5 minutes of eating these tacos, they are so good they need all of your attention. #SpoonTip: do yourself a favor and get a Big Truck taco with pulled pork, mac and cheese, onions, scallions, and bacon BBQ sauce


2. Maxie B’s

Photo courtesy of @maxiebsbakery on Instagram

Just walking into this place makes you feel at home with their beautiful decor and decadent cakes. Maxie B’s specializes in cakes, cupcakes, and other baked goods.

Its cupcakes flavors change depending on the holiday or season. If you are planning on trying this soon, try one of their Guinness or Bailey cupcakes. It will be sure to get you in the St. Patty’s Day spirit… Then go home and make yourself a Bailey’s cocktail to top off the day.


3. Smith Street Diner

Photo courtesy of @withthelocals on Instagram

Smith Street Diner is the definition of southern hospitality. If you want some classic breakfast food where the staff will call you “sweetie”, this is the place for you. This restaurant offers a variety of country style cooked dishes.

If you aren’t a true southerner and want to get the full southern feel, order the biscuits and gravy with sweet tea, of course.


4. Iron Hen Cafe

Photo courtesy of @nc_eatz on Instagram

Eating at the Iron Hen makes you feel almost philanthropic, their food is all organic and locally-sourced.

They have pancakes made with buckwheat from a local mill, delicious omelets and scrambles (which will definitely cure your Saturday morning hangover), and a large variety of espresso and tea drinks.


5. Yum Yums Better Ice Cream and Hot Dogs

Photo courtesy of @imthebirdie on Instagram

Whether you are an every weekend regular or a hungry college student, Yum Yums is the place for hot dogs and ice cream. Ask anyone in the area for an old school Greensboro restaurant and they’ll point you in this direction.

This place has been open since 1906 and has stuck around as a classic G’Boro hang out spot. Ask for a Carolina dog all-the-way and for a scoop [or two] of their many ice cream flavors.


6. Hops Burger Bar

Photo courtesy of @andrewcarawan on Instagram

This place was awarded #1 Most Delectable Burger Joint in America by TripAdvisor. If that doesn’t convince you just how epic this food is, their ten different types of fries will.

Go for the Hops Classic or the North Carolinian (if you really want to get the NC feel), add in some of their garlic and rosemary fries, choose from their huge list of craft beers and you are good to go.


7. Cheesecakes by Alex

Photo courtesy of @bernieeemac on Instagram

Cheesecake… Dipped in chocolate… On a stick… Will be one of the best things you’ve ever put in your mouth.

With twenty-two cheesecake flavors, one is bound to find a flavor they love. From Creme Brûlée (a personal favorite) to Chocolate Brownie Turtle, these cheesecakes taste just as impressive as they look.


8. Dames Chicken and Waffles

Photo courtesy of @claireefox on Instagram

You can’t pay a visit to the south without having some soul-food, Dames is the place to get it. If you are new to the chicken and waffles flavor combination, Dames has a variety of waffle types, chicken and spreads; you’ll certainly find a combination that you like.

Try the Carolina Cockerel, a favorite of both mine and Dames; three chicken wings on a blueberry waffle topped with peach and apricot shmear.


9. Emma Keys

Photo courtesy of @hunterchurch on Instagram

Just look at that beautiful burger; it’s called “Everything but the Kitchen Sink”, which seems pretty accurate.

In what used to be a 1950’s barber shop, Emma Keys serves both incredible burgers and fries. Their food is influenced from different parts of the south and their small staff is always friendly.


10. Green Valley Grill

Photo courtesy of @deliziousvita on Instagram

Birthday dinner? Girls Night Out? Just need a few cocktails? Green Valley is perfect for any occasion. It offers a neat fusion of southern food and a modern, upscale twist.

It is connected to and located right beside the O. Henry Hotel where, if you’re feeling fancy, you can stop by for a cup of tea or two.


11. Jams Deli

Photo courtesy of @jamsdeli on Instagram

To this day, I am not sure how Jams Deli makes their food taste so good. They offer up the usual deli selections, but they really bring out the flavors in each dish on a new level.

Their Philly Cheesesteak may as well have been shipped in from Philly. Add in some curly fries and a Cheerwine, you’re set to go.


12. Sticks and Stones Clay Oven Pizza

Photo courtesy of @churryburry on Instagram

You really can’t go wrong with any of Sticks and Stones’ clay oven-baked pizzas. The crust is a mix of chewy and crunchy, the toppings are fresh, there are tons of craft beer choices and the atmosphere is very warm and inviting.

Go with some friends and test a few of their classics out. You won’t be disappointed.


13. Pastabilities

Photo courtesy of @athlete_palate on Instagram

You may drive right past this place as you are heading down one of Greensboro’s busiest roads, but locals know this place as a Greensboro staple. Tucked away among various shops, this restaurant offers a wide-variety of salads, soups, burgers and of course, pastas.

Here you’ll find families, couples, birthday parties, or even high school sport teams eating before or after a game. Given the name, you have to try one of their pasta dishes.


14. Lindley Park Filling Station

Photo courtesy of @eat.and.repeat on Instagram

Lindley Park Filling Station is a perfect spot to meet up with friends, family, or co-workers. Their food is fresh, colorful and really, really delicious. Their sandwiches and wraps are all named after neighborhoods in Greensboro, adding a personal touch to the menu.

My favorites are the Beechwood wrap and the Pinecrest burger, the flavor blends are amazing so prepare yourself.


15. Natty Greene’s Pub and Brewing

Photo courtesy of @gso.eats on Instagram

This is the type of place where you go grab a huge club sandwich, a locally-brewed beer, and sit down to watch the big college basketball rivalry game. A local sport’s pub with a twist.

Natty Greene’s puts a lot of creativity into their food and craft beers. When you stop by, be sure to try one of their sandwiches. Located in downtown Greensboro, you can sit outside, people watch, and simply relax during your meal.


Most people are making their way to the mountains or the beach while travelling through North Carolina, but after reading this list I hope you’ll make a pit stop in Greensboro to try one (or all) of these places. There are so many various restaurants in this eclectic town, each of them unique and very, very delicious


Lauren Froneberger at University of Georgia – Spoon University



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Are you getting the most for your money?

If you are a money conscious individual looking to rent in the near future, there are a few things you should take into consideration before making a decision soley based on the rent price. I’ve been in the industry here in Greensboro, NC for 5 years and have helped many of my friends and family move into apartments or rental houses. Unfortunately I’ve seen a few cringe worthy scenarios that will make you reconsider your rental budget. I’m writing this to show you how to come out on top with a better home and more money in your pocket. Here’s a quick list of sneaky expenses and hidden ways to save so that you can get the most out of your next home.

Saving money is making money

Saving money is making money


  • Utilities: You probably already ask “what utilities are included?” when you call around. But have you asked “how old is this home?” We have taken leaps and bounds when it comes to energy efficiency for newer apartments. This one hit home for me when my fiancé was trying to save money before we got married. She and some roommates leased a small and cheap home for $650. However, during all the winter months they paid over $300 just for gas and electric! Oww, they could have gotten a newer and nicer 1 or 2 bedroom apartment with amenities for less than the total cost
  • Yard work/home repair: You need to think about the responsibilities you are signing up for. Will you need to mow the lawn or pay for it to be mowed? These things cost money and time. Most private homes require you to do the yard work or even clean the gutters. Some of them take weeks to get maintenance done and you might end up just doing it yourself.
  • Location:- location, location, location! Everyone has heard this and most people put too much thought into location. Especially in a small city like Greensboro, you can get from your apartment or home to just about anywhere in 10 minutes. If you’re really price conscious you might be leaning toward something that is right next to your work or school, thinking you’re going to save on gas. However, gas prices are really low and aren’t showing any sign of coming back soon. You can usually save $30 or more by being just off the beaten bath! We’re not talking about being 30 minutes away! Maybe just a couple miles.  
  • Pet fees: Of course this one might only apply to some people but it’s worth mentioning. Pets can rack up a huge bill or require a lot of money down. You need to ask if your future community charges pet fees, pet rents, and pet renewal fees. A lot of places charge $15 for pet rent per month. That’s $180 a year, and what does it get you? Nothing. The answer is nothing. There are plenty of apartments out there that don’t charge pet rent and are great for pets.
  • Quality of life: There isn’t a dollar amount you can put on a good night’s rest. But there is a dollar amount you can put on having to break a lease. In North Carolina most places charge a 2 month fee to leave your apartments early. Usually that’s close to $1500! So when choosing a place to live you need to make sure the quality of life is high enough that you will enjoy your stay and not need to break the lease. Ask things like: do you have pest control? How quickly do they respond? Do you have 24 hr. emergency maintenance? Security Patrol? The more you ask the better you’ll be able to hone in on the right place and weed out the rest.


Now that we’ve seen some sneaking expenses to look out for, here are some tips to help you get an apartment that will actually help you save money. Amenities are more than just eye catching perks and services. When you get a good apartment community you will save money and enjoy your home more!


  • Car care center: With the winter weather I just saved money on car washes! I would have dropped $30 bucks if my apartment community didn’t have a car care center! Here in Greensboro we have to constantly wash our cars to keep that salt off and keep them in good working condition. So being able to quickly spray it off, for free,  is kinda a big deal.
  • Gym: Do you have any plans on working out or getting fit? An onsite gym will save you a lot of money each month and help you reach your goals. People who have to drive to a gym are less likely to stick to it. Make sure the gym is 24/7 and has enough equipment and space that you won’t feel awkward when others are around.
  • Business center: A lot of apartments have free printing in the business center. If you ever need to print from home this will help out. Home printers are always running out of ink and costing a lot of money. Every dollar counts.
  • Coffee: I don’t know about you but I drink a lot of coffee. And I spend a lot of money on coffee. But at my community I’m able to save a little by picking up a free cup, every day. A few apartments like the Gardens at Anthony House have cutting edge coffee makers that are worth more than my car and can make anything from espresso to mochas. That saves a few bucks a week!
  • Online payments: This may seem like a no brainer but a lot of older affordable housing still don’t have online payment options. So when the first comes around you’ll have to chase down money orders and pay $1.50. Or even worse, get a late fee because you are out of town and forgot you’ll have to mail your check. With online rent pay I don’t even think about it. I haven’t been late once since I got the payments and that’s saved me $$$.


So in the grand scheme of things make sure you’re looking at the whole picture and make sure you’re getting the luxury experience you deserve. Sometimes you’ll find that you really can afford it. I know that The Gardens At Anthony House is a fabulous place to live and is sure to save you money in the long run, but there are many others here in Greensboro that are great places to rent as well. Take your time, weigh your options, have fun…Happy hunting!