Paint Your Apartment for Therapy!

Paint Your Apartment for Therapy!

I love painting my apartment! It’s relaxing and therapeutic and really makes the space feel like my home! I live here at The Gardens At Anthony House and recently transferred from a 1 bedroom to a 2 bedroom apartment and really wanted to spruce it up!

(Tip: If you are not the most handy or just don’t have the time, The Gardens At Anthony House Maintenance team will paint for you! Ask the office team for more information!)

There is so much inspiration to be found around Greensboro, NC especially the vintage shops downtown! In looking for the right color from the hand-made mug I found at Just Be! I went to the local Lowe’s that’s just 2 miles from The Garden’s At Anthony House and spoke to their paint rep who helped me mix the perfect color red for my apartment! It turned out amazing!

But did you know all of the psychological aspects of painting a room?


What you expect: Passion, Warmth, Anger
What else it can inspire: Coziness. Red objects seem closer to you than if they were another color.


Photo From ApartmentTherapy.Com


What you expect: Warmth, Fun, Courage
What else it can inspire: Hunger. Orange is as stimulating to your appetite as it is to your sense of adventure.


What you expect: Serenity, Intelligence, Trust
What else it can inspire: Cold. Literally, physical coldness. People who are cold prefer warm colors around them for that reason.


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