Don’t let your A/C rob you blind this Summer!

Don’t let your A/C rob you blind this Summer!

We all want to stay cool this summer but if you’re not careful, you waste your precious vacation money just surviving the heat!

Keep in mind that your A/C is not only cooling the air around you but everything you have in your apartment. The best way to keep your bills down is to maintain a consistent temperature in the apartment. For example:

1. Unless you are leaving for 3 days or more, don’t turn off your A/C. The energy spent ‘catching up’ is greater than that spent maintaining the temperature. Bump your temperature up 5-10 degrees if you are going to be gone.

2. If you want to adjust the temperature overnight, don’t change it by more than 5 degrees either way.

3. Programmable thermostats are a great way to keep your costs down, if used properly. Don’t have more than 2 different temperatures per day and keep them within 5 degrees of each other.

Always make sure you have all windows and doors closed and locked. If the temperature drops at night and you decide to open your windows, make sure you have your A/C system off. It is also important to shut your windows and turn your system back on BEFORE the temperature reaches an unbearable level.

One last tip – Turning down the temperature of your system does not mean it immediately blows colder air. Think of your Air Conditioner like a pump that removes heat from your apartment. It will run until enough heat is removed from your apartment but it can only remove so much at a time.

Good luck staying cool this summer!